The Distinctives of Public Worship at St. Petersburg Presbyterian

The following describes what we aim for in our public worship services at SPPC:

Worship that is God-centered

God is the One Audience for Whom and to Whom we offer our worship. Therefore, the songs we sing, the prayers and confessions we offer, the sermons we preach and the sacraments we observe will all have the single aim of pointing our hearts and minds to the supremacy and sufficiency of God in Jesus Christ for all things.

Worship that values our rich heritage and present community

We attempt to combine an appreciation for the richness of the church’s heritage of music and liturgy with the best of what today’s Christian artists have to offer in these areas. For example, in selecting the songs we use in public worship we are driven, not by how popular they are, but by the biblical and theological content of the lyrics, as well as the song’s usefulness for congregational singing.

Worship that speaks to the mind and to the heart

The way to the heart is through the head. God has communicated to us through the written Word, the Bible, which is the kindling for our passion for God. Therefore, our worship services are filled with the content of the Scriptures. Our aim is to cultivate informed minds that will know God, and inflamed hearts that will love God, and therefore, spill over into loving sacrificial service for others.