Take advantage of SPPC’s Community Bible Reading Plan for 2017. Begin each day reading a portion of both the Old and New Testaments. Each Saturday, read a few chapters in the Psalms. Sunday is a great day to catch up on portions you may have missed during the week. If we do this together as a church family, by the end of the year we will have read all the way through the Bible. Let’s make this new year one in which we grow together in the grace and knowledge of God and His Word.  

One Year Community Bible Reading Calendar

Monday, Oct 16           Jeremiah 6-8                                                   1 Timothy 5

Tuesday, Oct 17          Jeremiah 9-11                                                 1 Timothy 6

Wednesday, Oct 18    Jeremiah 12-14                                            2 Timothy 1

Thursday, Oct 19         Jeremiah 15-17                                             2 Timothy 2

Friday, Oct 20               Jeremiah 18-20                                              2 Timothy 3

Saturday, Oct 21         Psalm 119:73-176